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"Expand Your Opportunities Through
Building Strong Relationships"

James Drury is a educator/speaker who works with groups and individuals to help them understand the value of knowing more people in order for them to grow personally and professionally. James believes and practices the theory of your can never know enough people on a daily basis. James has spoken to the National Auctioneers Association, The Illinois Association of Real Estate Educators explaining that business relies upon meeting new people and retaining a relationship with those you have met. James is an awarded speaker/educator with a MS degree in Speech/Marketing.

“From the moment you shake hands you have about 3 seconds to impress that person” - James Drury

James helps business professionals understand the importance of building strong connections and networking. He shares tactical tips so they become better networkers, connectors and relationship builders. From the hand shake, how to initiate conversations, to the follow up, attendees always walk away with tangible tools they can use immediately.

“It is very seldom that a speaker captures an audience with what seems like a story and then compels them to action.” Patrick Yanahan, Chairman USA Strategies, Inc.

James is an award winning speaker, educator and curriculum developer, with a Masters Degree in Speech and Marketing. He has spoken to audiences across the United State and his educational curriculum has been approved and consumed across 9 states.

"You can never know enough people"

James Drury has written a must-read primer for anyone considering that “You Can Never Know Enough People” ...Read this book - and learn from one of the best.
Wayne Paprocki Real Estate Trainer and Coach, Author, Illinois REALTORS® Board of Directors
I have witnessed Jim Drury present to an audience that captures their attention by using story telling techniques so that they are only listening to him. His style builds trust in these groups and encourages them to take follow-up action
Patrick Yanahan Chairman USA Strategies, Inc.
It is very seldom that a speaker captures an audience with what seems like a story and then compels them to action.
Patrick Yanahan Chairman USA Strategies, Inc.