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What is your Side Hustle?

This presentation will share practical strategies to make it easier to talk to and connect with people. Attendees will learn the best way to grow their influence, draw people in, and build trust, to want to work with you. From how to greet someone, to leaving a strong and lasting first impression.

They will leave with a plan of how they can use very simple yet effective actions to deepen relationships and converse with ease.


  • Learn why they should get to know more people especially in business and how to increase their business success
  • Learn the biggest obstacle to meeting people, what to say and how to engage in the first 5 seconds and build an instant connection
  • Learn how to get to know more people and build their network quickly
Your chances for success increase with the more people you know…my intention is for you to leave my presentation prepared to meet more people create more contacts and have some fun with it in the pursuit of your goals.

Other formats include:

James Drury has written a must-read primer for anyone considering that “You Can Never Know Enough People” ...Read this book - and learn from one of the best.
Wayne Paprocki Real Estate Trainer and Coach, Author, Illinois REALTORS® Board of Directors
I have witnessed Jim Drury present to an audience that captures their attention by using story telling techniques so that they are only listening to him. His style builds trust in these groups and encourages them to take follow-up action
Patrick Yanahan Chairman USA Strategies, Inc.
It is very seldom that a speaker captures an audience with what seems like a story and then compels them to action.
Patrick Yanahan Chairman USA Strategies, Inc.